Configuring fail2ban on Debian – Part 1

If you are administering a Linux server on a publicly accessible IP address then you have no-doubt already noticed your log files filling up with repeated failed login attempts against all common protocols. While it may be possible to protected services to some extent with firewalls, nothing is going to protect you from weak password policies and software vulnerabilities.

There is, however, a great Open Source product that can do away with some of the noise and frustrate the spammers; fail2ban.

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Deploying Cockpit on Debian – Part 1

Cockpit is a lightweight graphical server administration tool. Simple to install, it provides you with an at a glance overview of one or more servers, and allows you to carry out administration tasks, log inspections and more.

Originally from the RHEL stable, it is a high quality Open Source product that is now available in most major Linux distributions.

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