Ipsec on a small LAN

Most tutorials cover implementing IPsec as a VPN solution between two sites, but what if you want to secure communications on one site representing a not atypical home LAN with a couple of machines: some wireless, some Linux, some Android, some Windows, and a dual ipv6/ipv4 stack (courtesy of Hurricane Electric’s free TunnelBroker service)?  And to make life more difficult, there are some devices that don’t support IPsec at all.  Obviously, you need at least two IPsec capable machines for this to make much sense.

Does it work, and how well?

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Streaming multiple DAB channels from an RPi

There are any number of ways to listen to BBC radio over the web.  You can use iPlayer for live and catchup, or you can stream to a client using one of the many published urls.

But to save my bandwidth I decided to stream the BBC’s DAB over my local network using a spare DVB-T USB stick.  Although I used a Raspberry Pi for the guide, it would work equally well with any modern Linux distro.

Throughout this guide my RPi has a hostname of ‘raspberry’: replace this with your own hostname or ip address as appropriate.

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