Tethered shooting with gphoto2

Tethered shooting with a DSLR (shooting directly to a connected computer via a USB cable) on Linux is very, very easy, assuming you have gphoto installed.

gphoto2 --capture-tethered

And start shooting away!  However, I wanted to be a bit cleverer and improve my workflow slighty to overcome a few shortcomings.  I wanted to:

  1. Shoot raw
  2. Display the last shot full-screen.
  3. Not clobber existing files if I re-ran the tether.

it turns out that this is all easy to do with a small bash script and gphoto’s “hook” capabilities.  I knocked up the following based upon the sample distributed with gphoto and called it hook.sh.

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Superquick thumbnails in Gnome 3 for raw camera files

I do most of my shooting in Canon Raw (*.CR2) and convert to jpeg for display, but my Debian Testing system won’t show thumbnails for them: until now.  And as a bonus, it’s dead simple to do and they are produced really quickly.

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