Customise the Laravel User Verification email

Starting with Laravel 5.7, the framework has updated the User and Auth models to include an email verification contract.

While this is very straightforward to initially configure, customising the content of the emails sent is not so obvious.

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Creating first user in Laravel

Laravel has some great functionality to seed databases, but they are designed primarily to be used in development and testing environments. That is not to say that they cannot be leveraged for use in production.

There is, however, an easy and quick way to create models in the production environment to get you started.

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Laravel test coverage with php-code-coverage – Part 1

If you are developing a project in Laravel you are probably (should?) be using phpunit to execute tests. This tutorial will guide you through setting up a graphical representation of your test coverage so that you can see which lines of your logic are not being tested.

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Testing emails in Laravel

Software testing is a key aspect of writing an high-quality code, and helps ensure that any future changes don’t unexpectedly break anything.  Automation increases the repeatability of this task and is easily applied to Laravel.

Many modern web apps use email to send welcome information or notifications to users based upon certain events.  Even with a well setup test environment, you will want to stop possible hundreds or thousands of test emails being sent.  And there is an easy solution.

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